Kaysville, Utah

Kaysville, Utah


Kaysville is a city located in Davis County, Utah. The area was initially established by Hector Haight after Mormon forerunners arrived in 1847. He had been directed north to search feed for the stock and later on thereafter created a cabin and bring his family to settle the area. Further, he was accredited with being the very first settle Kaysville and Farmington area. The second settler is Samuel Oliver Holmes who settled northwest of the Haight cabin.

Fall in 1849, John Hyrum and Edward Phillips attempted to travel between Brown’s Fort or Ogden and Salt Lake. They were turned back with heavy wind and snows; however, returned in the spring together with their families and the family of William Kay settles in the Layton/West Kaysville area permanently. In 1851, there have been over 300 settlers within the area.


Some of the community activities here include an ice cream cone party, car show, a new year’s party, Christmas electric light parade, and Fourth of July activities. An art gallery, library, a movie theater, a recreation center, and more are found in the city. Other needs could be met in the close cities of Layton, Fruit Heights, South Weber, North Davis, Centerville, Uintah, and Clearfield. To the other side of Kaysville is Salt Lake and the other side is the scenic mountains. Those exciting surroundings enable for much outdoor fun.

Things to Do in the City

  • Boondocks Food & Fun

This is a great place to hang out with family and friends. Everything is imaginable. The food is affordable, and you will find things for all ages.

  • Cherry Hill Water Park

Cherry Hill is a small amusement park and campground in Kaysville, Utah. Opened for business in 1967, it was originally made as a campground. Later on, due to the popularity of it as a campsite, built some water attractions for the campers to enjoy during the summer season.

Kaysville is the essence of a perfect American city. The place is not apologetic about being stepped in the conventional family values like education, religion, hard work, integrity, temperance, and respect. The residents here are dedicated to storing the heritage of the city, joining in their community, and helping local businesses, which share similarly valued.


Kaysville, along with its significant Main Street, is located in the heart of Northern Utah. This city is the only city in Davis County with a west/east corridor and direct access to highway 89, 15 Freeway, and the planned Legacy Parkway development.


Kaysville’s existing personality and culture set them apart from their neighbors. The unique blend of subdivision and rural farmland, it is also home to an extremely skilled population, which has a higher than standard household income for the state of Utah.

If you are looking for a home where you can find everything, Kaysville is the ideal place for you. Kaysville is home to a wonderful park system along with 137 acres of a preserved park space at the same time, the Utah Botanical Center, which is a 140-acre wilderness park.

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