Farmington, Utah

Discover the Beauty of Farmington, Utah

Located in Davis County Utah in the United States, Farmington has many fascinating sites wherein you can visit, relax, and enjoy. One of these sites is the Lagoon Amusement Park located in the county area of Davis County. In the year 2011, it is ranked 12th in The Best Places to Live.


The city was founded in 1847 by the Haight and Mormon Family. They have built a farm and an inn. Since then other families settled in the area in the autumn of 1849.  The settlement of the families paves the way to more developed progress around the area. These included the construction of schools, churches, and parks.

With an estimated population of 22, 159, Farmington holds decent households an adequate supply of work. For each of the households, an average male earns about $74 to $78 per year. The mode of employment is great and each of the households has a satisfying living condition.

Places to Visit

One of the best places in Farmington is the S&S Shortline Railroad Park and Museum that houses over 90 pieces of railroad equipment. The museum has separate tracks of railroad wherein tourists and visitors could enjoy train rides on the first Saturday of every month from the months of June to September.

If you love to hang out and dine in, there are many restaurants and dine area in Farmington such as Café Torino, Sushi Master, Johnny Rockets and, much more. Each of these restaurants serves an appetizing menu both the locals and tourists would like.  The ambiance is cozy and entertaining for all visitors and guests.

Things to Do In Farmington

Farmington is highlighted with the best places such as parks, restaurants, and museums.  Anyone who stays or visits these places could enjoy and relax in doing fun activities such as watch movies, late-night shopping at the Davis County area, dining, or visit breweries such as the Three Rivers Brewery. The fascinating of the wilderness at the Berg Trail provides an awesome experience.

There are also swimming and recreation activities to be made in the Lagoon together with the fun-filled treasure of visiting many historical places such as the Railway System.  The terminals and airports around the bay are busy with tourists each year up for adventure and vacation.

Economy and Business

The complex buildings and supermarkets reflect the busy and happy population of Farmington together with the large booming economy. The market Davis County area has a wide variety of products both the locals and tourists are proud to have. With the large establishments around Farmington, there is a big chance for both employment and business.

The use of modern technology hits the attraction of tourists and investors. A result is a large-scale approach in urban development and much more. There is a large real estate business around and this marks a good way of making more residential and apartment homes for residents in need of dwelling. The flourishing economy and development of Farmington, Utah speak its excellence in real estate and many more projects.

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