Centerville, Utah

Centerville, Utah


Located several 12 miles north of the Great Salt Lake City, Centerville, Utah covers the area starting from Lund Lane in the north down to Pages Lane in the south, a length of 3.3 miles, and ranges, with some minor deviances, from the mountains in the east to the shores of the lake.

Thomas Grover as well as the Deuel brothers, William and Osmyn, were the first settlers in the city, arriving in 1848. They were later on followed by other families, and a small settlement was created. They dragged logs to create homes down the vertical mountains. They needed nails, many of the homes were held together by rawhide thongs and wooden pegs. Later, some developed their homes of adobe, made of straw and clay dried in the sun. Many substantial homes were made from rocks washed down from the hills or seen in the beds of streams.

In 1853, a fort wall was launched to secure from Indian attack; however, the project was abandoned later on. A new wall was developed in 1854, made of dirt and rocks.  It was 6 feet wide at the base and around 8 feet high. As the anticipated Indian outbreaks never materialized, this second wall was never completed. Centerville was known in the early days as the Deuel Creek Settlement, then known as Cherry Settlement, and lastly as Centerville.

Attractions to See

·       Centerpoint Legacy Theater

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy something conventional, Centerpoint Legacy Theater is a sleek concert, which puts on musicals, at the same time, hosts a dance, acting and singing academy for every age. This attraction boasts a 62k square foot, a multi-venue theater facility, situated in Centerville, Utah. This facility has a major stage theater that is inclusive of a Gala Lift, which is, a small outdoor amphitheater,  an intimate black box theater, and different support spaces like a dressing room, rehearsal halls, costume/set construction areas.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Spending your day in this attraction is simply amazing and worth well the price. This is a world-class aquarium, which engages and teaches people in connection to their place within the global system of life thru showcasing the ecosystem of the world. They offer living classrooms, which immerse people in natural ecosystems, connecting the gaps between entertainment, education, and conversation to aid people to appreciate and understand their connection to the system of life.

To sum up, Centerville is a very family-oriented community. Family and home are crucial in Centerville. In fact, according to the 2010 census, around 30.5% of the population of Centerville was under the age of eighteen. Centerville also enjoys a moderate cost of living, having a four-season climate – the home to the Davis Center for the Performing Arts and is situated in the heart of the stunning cultural and recreational opportunities accessible along with the Wasatch Front. More than 300 acres of open space and parks are also accessible for people, family, and even group activities.

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